How to Alphabetize email folders in Outlook 365

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I am trying to sort my email folders alphabetically in Outlook 365 (current version) and I do not have a “sort” button when I right click on my inbox. There is no sorting icon in the view tab either. I have checked under settings and no folders sorting feature is present. Can someone please show me how to keep my inbox alphabetized? Any new folder I create goes to the bottom and stays there. I can left click and manually move a folder, but do not wish to do this – just click so the folders are always alphabetized and easier to locate.

In the Desktop Version of Outlook: we can alphabetize the folders by righ-clicking our account or inbox folder and then we can view the Sort subfolders A to Z button

In the Web Version Of Outlook: after we create a new folder there and refresh the browser, the folders are sorted alphabetically by default.

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